April 24, 2017

About Mike

Michael Towns, also known as “Twist” or “Mike Towns“, began producing and writing music in the early 90’s. Staying up countless hours in his bedroom studio, he perfected his craft by rapping, making/selling beats and mixing songs for the local talents in Altadena/Pasadena, California area.

In 2006, Mike was encouraged by his mother (Elizabeth Bunn, R.I.P), to take his skills to another level in which he did by attending The Los Angeles Recording School.

After graduating top of his class with a certification in Pro Tools, he was invited back as a member of the alumni panel and hired on as a full time Operations Support Engineer. Shortly after, Mike was hired to work in the film and TV department at Sony BMG as a Royalties Coordinator. Although he enjoyed working at Sony BMG for 2 years, he decided to venture out and work at Universal Music Group Publishing as a Royalties Coordinator. Because most of his jobs in the music industry were business and tech related, he mastered the use of large format consoles. During his free times, he practiced playing the guitar and made music for him and his friends.

After working in the music industry for 5 years, Mike realized that he wanted more, so he decided to save up enough money to survive for a year and quit his jobs. He began to work sessions out of his home studio.

In 2012, an instructor from the Los Angeles Recording School, approached Mike and advised him of a Technical Support Engineer position available at Focusrite/Novation. His musical journey continued at Focusrite/Novation for 3 years.

Mike is currently working out his new state of the art studio facility in El Monte, CA. Him and his business partner, Steve “Sclaz” Sneed, invested 3 years to build this studio from the ground up.

As Mike continues to engineer, produce, mix and master music, he is now also in the field of directing music videos and running his Pro tools Music Academy.

Professional Work History

Work History:

Studio Operations Manager LA Recording School 2006-2007

BMG Music Publishing - 2007

Universal Music group Publishing -2009

Focusrite/Novation -2012

Industry Credits:

KRS 1 “Stop the Violence ” Assistant Engineer- 2009

Glasses Malone “Unreleased Songs” Tracking/Mixing Engineer - 2010

Roscoe (Of the Dogg Pound) Philaphornia 2 Tracking Engineer -2011

Raekwon the Chef “ Mixing Engineer -2012

Bambi FT Compton Menace “Gang of Money” Tracking Engineer - 2013

El Debarge “Unreleased Songs” Mixing Tracking Engineer - 2013

Too Short Ft Dj Mutt Miller “Unreleased Songs” Tracking Engineer - 2014

Joseph Leimberg “Astral Progressions “Mixing Engineer 2015

Miguel Atwood Furgerson “Untitled” (Music for foreign movie sound track) Tracking Engineer 2015

Focus… “Musicology Competition Winner” Tracking Engineer 2015